We evaluate your current use and see what can be done to enhance the technology to automate and optimize your current processes so you can focus on what you do best. Outreach, Fundraising and Education.

This package includes

  • Helping you set up your database so you can enter and access your information on a mobile phone
  • An initial 1 hour call to determine what is currently happening in your organization technology wise.
  • A weekly check in to see what progress has been made and identify any issues that have come up.
  • Amonthly group call to discuss changes to the technology and additional automations that have been implemented and requested.
  • Having our staff Implement the actual changes to your database.
  • Trainingyou and your staff how to use the database for maximum efficiency via zoom and recorded videos. 
  • 3 custom reports and 1 custom dashboard a month.
  • Our current products are offered at a discount for optimize package members.
  • custom applications for an additional fee.

This package costs $2000 a month with a 12 month commitment – $1000 a month until Jan 1


  1. One contact person at your organization who will be the designated contact with the authority to make decisions about internal processes
  2. You must be using the Salesforce platform ideally with the ChabadONE crm package installed
  3. You need to commi to working 30 minutes a day on your database understanding it and using it. – our goal is to make your database with for you and we find that If one isn’t committed to using their database the information quickly becomes yesterday’s news.

To get started email kushi@livaveinu.com